Cordless Auto Rotating Ceramic Hair Curler

Handheld Wireless Automated Hair Curler - Curl your hair quickly and everywhere without much work!

Curling your hair can transform your appearance but how do you do it easily and conveniently? The Cordless Hair Styling Tool is a brilliant device that can make your curling fun and easy. This curler gives a fantastic automatic performance that incredibly eases your styling and creates shiny beautiful wavy hair that you will love. You can get a very decent hairstyle while enjoying protection from any anti-tangling of your hair. It is also very efficient with  PI film getting heated rapidly so that you can do you a perfect hairstyle in just a few minutes.

For effortless and smart curl styling

It consists of a short barrel that can fit snugly in your hand. To use it, you simply hold it over your head and slip each lock of hair in it. each lock will come out in beautiful curly shapes in just a few moments.  It is easy to use with no special skills needed to use. It also has curling action that can be effected in various directions such as left, right, and automatic rotate. You can automatically adjust coiling times with times that range from 8 seconds to up to 18 seconds, giving you the perfect hair treatment. It also has an automatic reverse function and you will also not suffer from any hair winding issues.  When not in use, it will automatically turn off after ten minutes ensuring you save on power.


  • Intelligent control for the heat

This curler gives you a handy feature for automatically controlling the heat. You can choose from 6 heat settings that give a range of 150 to 200 degrees Centigrade. It also has an automatic off feature with a 7 timer setting allowing you to create curls that are either loose or tight. It also has both left and right coiling directions so that you can perform the curling style you need.


  • Great for travel

With its compact form, it is portable and will save storage space. This makes it perfect to carry along with you for travel. Since it is wireless, it can be used anywhere at any time. It is a great idea for vacation times and also as a wonderful gift to give someone special to you.

  • Battery-powered with long life

This roller will always operate smoothly through the provided battery that comes with it. The battery is easily rechargeable with four hours to bring it to full charge.

  •  LCD Display

You won't have to guess the performance levels at which the curler is operating. It features a high-resolution LCD display which will indicate all your settings. This includes the battery level, the heat, timer, and the curl direction.

  • Safe for use

It is made from non-toxic material that has insulating properties. This ensures that you are always protected from burns whether on your skin or eyes. 


[ USB Input and Output ] It takes about 4.5 hours to charge the curling iron. It can be used for up to 60 minutes and uses 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery meanwhile can also be used as a power bank


【Easy Use & Portable】The barrel will auto-spin around and wrap a section of hair into the curling chamber. Easy to carry when traveling, can curl your hair anytime and anywhere, far away from the trouble with the line.


【Hair Repair, Cured】Plant protein coating of the curling iron can effectively repair damaged hair and make it softer and smoother.

Wireless base charging; USB charging; anti-scalding design, adjustable 120-180 ℃





Q: Will this work for shorter hair?
Yes, it is perfect for short hair.

Q: How to use it to avoid tangle?
Comb your hair to remove knots before curling, place no more than 1/2''-1'' strand of hair into the curl chamber for each curling.

Q: Does the hair burn during curling?
The instructions say 1 inch if you follow the instructions this curler is very easy to use and makes a beautiful curl in a matter of seconds, it never got hot enough to burn hair.

Q: Will it get my hair tangled up?
There are generally 2 reasons for tangling:
    1: You didn't comb the hair to remove knots beforehand
    2: You have put a lot of hairs into the curling chamber

    Q: What to do when it gets tangled?
    1: Release start button and pull hair out gently
    2: Comb the section of hair to remove knots and make it smooth
    3: Put a lesser amount of hairs into the curling chamber

Q: What are the best temperature/time setting for thin hair?
A: It depends on what types of curls  you want:
for loose curls, you can set 300-340°F and timer 8 - 12s
for tight curls, you can set 360-390°F and timer 13 - 18s

Q: Will it automatically switch off?
A: Yes, it will automatically switch off after 10 mins if not used.

Q: Does this product work for people with naturally curled hair?
A: Yes, even if you have Latina curly thick hair it will work perfectly.

Technical specifications:

  • Max temperature: 200 degrees C
  • Power: less than 25 watts
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED:1 x Cordless Hair Styling Tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
In 5 minutes it's done! Perfect!

Love this. It makes the prettiest ringlets, and us so convenient to carry around for touch-ups. Added plus was that during a rolling blackout. Super happy with this purchase.

Super awesome

All gorgeous! I have already tested and works perfectly! Great hair curler at a very affordable price!

Great quality!

Great curler but a little puzzling to figure out. I had this curler for a few weeks, and I am just getting around to doing a review, because I have not had time to sit down and read the instructions and figure it out. I would rather have had a simpler to operate item for making curls, however it works great once you devote some time to figuring it out.

Great hair curler.

Really fast shipping and great product

It's super easy to use and does a fantastic job!

It’s super easy to use and does a fantastic job! Too happy with the result I highly recommend!