Flint Fire Striking Keychain


πŸ”₯ Everyone is talking about this Infinite Flint Match - Designed For Over 15,000 Strikes, This Match Is Also 100% Waterproof πŸ”₯

Flint Match Fire Starter For Camping Survival

If you're a wilderness buff, an outdoor explorer, a campfire king/queen, or a smoker of any kind, then your prayers have been answered by our Flint Fire Striker. These matches will light on the first try in any weather conditions, whether it's snowing, raining, or humidity, the flame will burn on.

With a Seemingly Infinite Amount Of Strikes, You'll Never Need Another Match Or Lighter Again.

These flint keychains are not designed to burn out, wear out, or run out. These are meant to be a one time purchase that you will never need to replace. We dare you to use this 15,000 times!Β 

100% Waterproof!

Not water-repellent, not water-resistant, but pure, 100% waterproof. You can drop it in a lake, throw it in a bath, wash it in your washing machine...whatever you put it through it will come out of it and light on the next swipe. This feature truly makes these matches an outdoors fanatics' best friend.


Size: 39*29*10 mm

Weight: 10 g

Fuel Type: Kerosene

Waterproof: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Great quality

I bought this to use one and give the other as a present. I really like the look of it and it feels very sturdy and reliable. I like that it is waterproof and can be used for camping, hunting, fishing and overall survival. I used to carry a lighter is my pack but after a while the spinning wheel would stop working and the lighter would be useless. I love how I can always count on this producing a large healthy flame when i need it.

These work GREAT!!!

This was purchased for my husband as a birthday gift. He is a survival pro and even he was impressed with the quality of this fire starter and the amount of flame it provides! It will definitely do the trick to start a fire, even in inclement weather. He even appreciates how it looks, very stylish for what it is.


I bought these for my brother, who travels and works seasonal jobs, but they were so cool that I kept one! He can't carry a lot of stuff through airports, or when he's hiking, and this was functional and attractive. Great product! Easy to set up and use!

Super awesome

These are really nice and well made.
Great for camping.
Fun product!!

Nice product!

Looks very nice, and well-constructed. Once you fill it with fluid, it works great. Nice addition to any BOB.