Non-Toxic Wall Mending Agent

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Everything you need for wall mending— all in one easy tool. Wall Mending Agent is not only non-toxic but made of 100% non-toxic material making your home environment safe and toxin-free. Creates a quick-drying patch hard enough to hold a nail or a screw. The mending will be virtually invisible while giving you professional-looking results.

  • Color: Standard white. Blends with all standard shades of white paint.
  • Dry time: 4 hours on average (depending on the moisture and weather conditions).
  • Use: Indoor and outdoor use. Holds up to all weather conditions. Scrub resistant, and prevents leakage.


    • Non-Toxic and 100% safe.
    • Easy, quick and convenient.
    • Use it for a variety of projects around the house.
    • Repairs anything from cracks, peels, bubbling, chalking, and powdering.
    • Mold-proof and waterproof


    • Gift FREE Scraper.
    • 1 x Wall Mending Agent.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Not messy at all & glad I bought it.

    This is good for touching up small repairs on walls or ceilings. I damaged a wall moving furniture and this was perfect for the job. The small spatula included was useful for applying the plaster. It is easy to apply and the overall finishing is good. The tube is large enough to use for a number of different times though I am not expecting to damage any more walls in the near future.

    Great for Installation Repairs

    This cream has been very useful for fixing nail and screw holes, dings in the walls from furniture, and other gouges in drywall since moving into a new house. Even fixing a 1/2 gouge worked. Must allow it to dry completely before smoothing out with a sanding block and painting over.

    Easier than other patch products

    Excellent, used for some cracks that have been created in the roller shutter boxes. Practical and comfortable spatula for a correct installation.

    Simple and efficient

    A product that actually works just like on the video. Very easy to use.

    Easy to use for a beginner!

    I've never used anything like this before, but I bought it to fill a deep gauge in our bathroom wall that's been there since before we moved in. It was deep enough to fit a thick cable in, but hadn't ever been covered. I used this product, it only took two applications (pro would probably done several thinner ones!) it sanded easily and painted over nicely, now you wouldn't know it had been a cover up job. Impressed!