Stainless Steel Garlic Press


The Last Garlic Press You Will Ever Need.

 Let's face it, nobody likes chopping's impossible to get even, it sticks to everything, and takes a long time. Then the garlic press was invented, and things were good, except not really. 

Earlier garlic presses were clumsy, took too long to use, and were impossible to clean, making them less than a worthy alternative, until now.

Introducing our Stainless Steel Garlic Press, the easiest, fastest, and cleanest way to get minced garlic!


New Ergonomic Design: Our garlic press is designed with an ergonomic handle that is easier on your wrists and hands, giving you maximum pressure output with minimal effort. It's so easy that even people with hand/wrist injuries or arthritis can get fresh chopped garlic with zero pain.

Easy Mincing: With a slight back and forth rocking motion similar to kneading dough, you can easily crush or mince garlic in a fraction of the time.

Premium Materials: Our garlic press is made with 100% premium stainless steel and high-quality silicone (on the black handle version,) making it extremely durable, corrosion-resistant, and anti-rust. 

Carefree Cleaning: Rinse under water and run it through the dishwasher. Being 100% dishwasher safe, caring for your garlic press couldn't be simpler.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
High Quality - Easy to Use Garlic Press

This is an excellent piece of kitchen equipment for pressing garlic. High-quality steel easily minces. Much easier to use than the more conventional press type.

You NEED this in your kitchen!

This makes chopping Garlic sooooo easy. High quality stainless steel. A must have of kitchen gadgets!!

Good quality. Simple, attractive design. Stirdy, built to last.

This was one of the greatest little cooking helping I've purchased in a long time. Every BBQ I would have to cut a lot of Garlic to use for sauces and ingredients, the part I hate the most is after cutting garlic, the smell on my finger would last for a whole week! well...not anymore! this garlic press makes it so easy fast, all you do is put the garlic in and squeeze and it will come out better than hand chopped garlic. it takes me 2 minutes instead of 30 minutes to dice up enough garlic for a whole BBQ. I also love how easy it is to clean the garlic press, all I did was rinse with water and wash it with soap and that is it! This was one of the greatest cooking helper I've invested in and it's so affordable that it is a must buy!

Handy tool that make it easy for preparing more garlic for event

I got this because I got sick off chopping and peeling garlic. Best gadget invited. This is the best garlic press I've ever received.

Great quality garlic press!

Very nice quality, will never break!